5 Reasons Mexico Should Be at the Top of Your Vacation Bucket List

You know that list you have in your head with all the places you want to visit? The one that’s so long, it has its own permanent spot on your computer desktop? If Mexico isn’t already on it, it should be, and I’m going to give you five reasons why. You don’t have to take my word for it—visit these spots in Mexico and decide for yourself whether or not you agree!

1) The beaches are unbeatable..

Mexico has some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world. The crystal clear water and white sand are perfect for a day on the beach or exploring hidden coves and caves. You’ll never run out of things to do in this country, from exploring an ancient Mayan ruin or taking part in an authentic Mexican fiesta. From sun-soaked days to moonlit nights, Mexico is full of unforgettable experiences that you won’t find anywhere else on earth.

2) There’s something for everyone..

Mexico is a country that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a good time, a great place to relax or an authentic cultural experience, you’ll find it in Mexico. There are many different regions to explore: Quintana Roo – which includes Cancun and Playa del Carmen – Riviera Maya, Chiapas and more! What about Oaxaca? If you want to go off the beaten path and escape from all of the tourist traps, this is where you should head! And if its culture thats on your mind, head over to Michoacan (San Miguel de Allende) or Guadalajara (more museums than any other Mexican state). Finally Tulum – one of my personal favorites because its location feels like paradise but there’s still lots to do: cliff diving, surfing lessons, snorkeling and plenty more.

3) The food is out of this world..

Mexican food is one of the best parts about vacationing in Mexico. With taco stands, carnitas, and ceviche on every block, you’ll have a hard time choosing where to eat first. And don’t forget about all that delicious horchata! It’s made from rice milk, almonds or sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. After trying it once I’m sure you won’t want to go back to your usual milk-and-sugar drink anymore.

4) The culture is rich and fascinating..

The culture in Mexico is rich and fascinating. You’ll find that there is something for everyone, whether you’re into art, music, food, or history. It is a beautiful country with so much to offer. And it’s not just their culture that will make you want to come back again and again; it’s their people. The Mexican people are kind and warm-hearted, always ready to welcome visitors with open arms.


5) It’s surprisingly affordable..

The cost of living in Mexico is surprisingly affordable. Think $2 for a beer and $3 for a meal (even less if you’re in a touristy area). When it comes to accommodations, you’ll be able to find hotels or hostels on Airbnb for about $25 per night. But if you have time, look into renting an apartment. It’s much more affordable than staying in hotels and gives you the option of cooking your own food instead of having to eat out every day.

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Understand Why Mexico is So High On The BUCKET-LIST of Every Globetrotter!

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