5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Travel to Mexico

If you’re an American or Canadian citizen, you may be surprised to learn that Mexico is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. However, this fact isn’t as widely known as it should be, and some people are still concerned about going there. If you’re not scared to travel to Mexico and want to see what it has to offer you, check out the following five reasons why you shouldn’t be scared to travel to Mexico and why this amazing country should be at the top of your bucket list today!

1) There are plenty of safe places to travel in Mexico..

Mexico has plenty of safe places to travel. From the bustling city of Guadalajara in the west, to the serene beaches and resorts on the Pacific coast, this country has something for everyone. While it can be tempting to stick with what you know, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t be scared to travel to Mexico. First, even though the media often reports about kidnappings and crime, these incidents happen mainly in border towns or other parts of the country where tourists don’t typically go. Secondly, when people think about traveling to Mexico they often only think about large cities like Cancun or Acapulco. However, if you’re looking for a more authentic experience then you should consider traveling inland to discover beautiful colonial towns like Oaxaca or Antigua.

2) The people are friendly and welcoming..

The people of Mexico are some of the nicest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met. When you walk down the streets in a new city, they will greet you with buenas or buenos días (depending on the time) and ask you how your day is going. They are happy and eager to help if you need directions or want to know where a good place for dinner is. Prices are lower than those in America: Everything from flights, food and even souvenirs can be found at lower prices when compared to those in America.

3) The food is delicious..

The food is delicious, the people are friendly and there’s a lot of culture to explore. The country is diverse and you never know what you’re going to find on your next visit. Yes, it’s true that there have been some violent incidents in the past but that doesn’t mean you should be scared. The most important thing for you to do when traveling abroad is not letting fear rule your life. You can also travel with a good map app like Google Maps so if anything were ever to go wrong, all the locals would speak English and they’ll help us navigate our way back home safely.

4) The culture is rich and interesting..

Mexico is full of culture and history. It’s a country with a rich and interesting past that you can learn about on your travels. The food is delicious, the people are friendly and the beaches are beautiful. So, if you’re thinking about visiting Mexico, don’t be scared – it’s safe. In fact, millions of Americans visit each year. And besides all the amazing places to explore in Mexico, there’s also Mexican resorts like Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa in Punta Mita which offers beach-front luxury vacations just steps away from its own secluded beach.

Travel Tips for Planning Your Vacation to Mexico

Lodging Tips for Planning Your Vacation to Mexico


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