A Guide to Teotihuacan: The Best Activities and Tours

Teotihuacan is one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico, and for good reason. With its stunning pyramids, incredible artwork, and mysterious history, it’s a must-see destination for any traveler. And if you’re looking to explore the area, there are plenty of exciting activities and tours that can help you make the most of your time in Teotihuacan.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan

The majestic and iconic Pyramids of Teotihuacan are a sight to behold. Located just 30 miles north of Mexico City, these ancient monuments are among the most impressive archaeological sites in the world. The oldest pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, dates back to 150 B.C., while the smaller Pyramid of the Moon is thought to have been constructed around 200 A.D.
These two enormous structures dominate the skyline of Teotihuacan and are the main attractions for visitors to the site. The Pyramid of the Sun stands tall at an impressive 75 meters and is the largest structure in Teotihuacan. It is believed to be the center of power and worship for the ancient city, as well as a burial place for important figures.
The Pyramid of the Moon is much smaller, but equally impressive, standing at 43 meters tall. It is thought to have been a temple dedicated to the moon god. Climb to the top of either pyramid for stunning views of Teotihuacan and its surrounding landscape.

The Temple of the Sun

Teotihuacan is home to some of the most stunning ancient architecture, and The Temple of the Sun is one of the most iconic sights in the entire region. Located in the center of the city and towering above all other monuments, this structure stands as a testament to the power and influence of Teotihuacan in its heyday.
The Temple of the Sun was built around 100 BCE, and was likely used for religious ceremonies and rituals. Visitors will have a chance to explore the remains of the Temple and get an up close look at the carvings and hieroglyphs which adorned the walls. It is also possible to climb to the top of the Temple for breathtaking views over the entire city.

The Temple of the Moon

The Temple of the Moon is an ancient temple located in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It is situated on the eastern side of the Avenue of the Dead, and was built between the 1st and 4th centuries AD. The temple is believed to have been used by the Teotihuacanos for religious ceremonies and rituals.
The structure of the temple is a four-tiered pyramid, with each level consisting of nine stepped tiers. On the fourth level, a platform is located that faces towards the east. This platform is thought to have been used for ritual observances, as it is aligned with the sun’s eastward rising position during the summer solstice. The sides of the pyramid are decorated with reliefs depicting a variety of deities and symbols.
The Temple of the Moon is unique in its design compared to other pyramids in Teotihuacan, as it does not feature a staircase or ramp leading up to the top of the pyramid. Instead, visitors can climb up the steep sides of the structure to reach the summit. From here, visitors will be rewarded with an incredible view of the city, as well as of other nearby attractions such as the Pyramid of the Sun and the Citadel.
Visitors to Teotihuacan can visit the Temple of the Moon to explore its ancient secrets and uncover its mysteries. There are various guided tours available to take visitors around the ancient city, including those that stop at this particular temple. These tours provide visitors with an informative and insightful look into this incredible archaeological site.


Other Attractions in Teotihuacan

If you’re looking to explore beyond the two main pyramids of Teotihuacan, there are still plenty of attractions that you can explore!
The Ciudadela is one of the oldest buildings in Teotihuacan, built around 150-200 AD. The structure is surrounded by four walls and includes a square building inside that contains a complex network of corridors and chambers, some of which contain unique artifacts. The Ciudadela is definitely worth a visit if you want to learn more about the history of this ancient city.
The Palacio de Quetzalpapalotl is another interesting place to check out in Teotihuacan. It is an archaeological site with several different structures, including a large palace and a temple dedicated to the god Quetzalcoatl. Visitors can explore the remains of this palace and learn more about the gods and culture that inhabited this area in the past.
The Avenue of the Dead is also worth visiting while in Teotihuacan. This two mile-long avenue is lined with monumental pyramids and temples, and it runs through the center of the ancient city. The Avenue of the Dead is the longest road in Teotihuacan, making it one of the most iconic attractions in the area.
There are also several other monuments and archaeological sites scattered throughout Teotihuacan that are worth exploring. These include the Pyramid of Xolalpan, the Pyramid of Tepantitla, and the Pyramid of the Moon, among others.

Best Activities and Tours in Teotihuacan

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan: One of the most iconic activities in Teotihuacan is to climb the pyramids. The largest pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, is the third largest in the world and can be climbed from the inside. From the top, visitors can see stunning views of the surrounding area. The nearby Pyramid of the Moon offers similar views and is a great place for photos.
The Temple of the Sun: Located at the bottom of the Pyramid of the Sun is the Temple of the Sun. This ancient structure was used as an altar to honor Huitzilopochtli, one of the main gods in Aztec mythology. Inside, visitors can view colorful murals and sculptures that tell stories about the ancient civilization.
The Temple of the Moon: The Temple of the Moon is another important site in Teotihuacan. This temple was dedicated to the moon goddess Coyolxauhqui and features intricately carved walls. Visitors can explore inside and admire beautiful stone carvings.
Other Attractions in Teotihuacan: In addition to the famous pyramids and temples, Teotihuacan also has a number of other attractions. Visitors can explore ancient homes and plazas, view colorful frescos and mosaics, or learn about pre-Hispanic cultures at the nearby archaeological museum.
Best Activities and Tours in Teotihuacan: To experience Teotihuacan to its fullest, visitors can take a guided tour of the area. These tours typically include visits to all of Teotihuacan’s major attractions and provide historical context. Hot air balloon rides are also available and offer stunning views of Teotihuacan from above. Other activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, and canoeing are also popular among visitors.

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