Cancun Mexico Finally Gets Uber!

For years, international travelers to Cancun and the Yucatan have lamented the lack of ridesharing options that they were used to having back home. Visitors would arrive at their resort, look around the beachy tourist town of Cancun, and wonder aloud why there wasn’t an Uber to take them to dinner or shopping or clubbing or back to their hotel after a night on the town. Well, now there IS an Uber in Cancun and it’s about time!

Uber is available in Cancun Mexico!

Uber is finally available in Cancun, and locals are excited to no longer have to rely on taxis or tuk tuks. The ride-sharing service has been operating in the tourist destination for a few weeks now, but it’s not stopping there. Uber will also be rolling out some bike sharing soon so that you can get around the resort without sweating too much while you’re waiting for your car to come by. We’re guessing we’ll see some scooters in here before long as well, because that would be awesome.

Using Uber in Cancun Mexico

Uber’s been in the news a lot lately, and it feels like everywhere you look they’re adding a new city to their list. The latest addition is Cancun, Mexico. This is such good news for travelers going to this popular vacation spot. Now instead of using taxis or risking getting into an accident with someone else driving who may not know the area well, there is now a reliable option that will get you from point A to point B at any time of day. If you’re planning on visiting Cancun anytime soon, download the app so that you can use Uber while in town.

Prices of Uber in Cancun Mexico

The prices will vary depending on the time of day, but if you are a tourist and need to catch a flight in the next day or two, it’s worth paying the premium price. You can also split your fare with other passengers so that you can share the cost. I personally think this is a great move for Cancun Mexico tourism, because now visitors won’t have to worry about having enough cash in hand to pay for transportation when they arrive!

Other Modes of Transportation

The most common way to get around in Cancun is by taxi and there are plenty of them waiting outside the airport when you arrive. They’ll take you anywhere in town for a flat fee, no matter how long it takes. You can also rent a car if you’re staying a few days, but be aware that there is only one company that has them available for rent and they can be difficult to come by in high demand periods. If you prefer to travel without your own transportation, however, or simply want something other than a taxi for the day, then scooters are an excellent option. Rental rates vary from $10-30 per day depending on what type of vehicle you need, so be sure to ask about rates before picking up your scooter at any kiosk near major attractions.
The final option I will mention is traveling by combi bus in Cancun. It’s by far the cheapest and easiest way to move around while enjoying the local lifestyle. Combis run everywhere and cost only 10-15 pesos ($0.50). Just look out for the sign with large letters saying Centro which indicates where you want to go. Your first stop should always be Terminal de Transporte Terrestre which is located between downtown Cancun and Playa del Carmen (locals call it La Terminal). From there, combis go everywhere–even the smaller villages outside of the city!

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