Chetumal Lodging Tips and Advice

Lodging in Mexico is fairly easy and quite affordable; whether you decide to stay at a hotel, Air BnB, hostel, or rent with a local. All of these options are very easy to come by and if you ever need help finding something in Calderitas feel free to contact me. There is even big old school hotel a block off the beach called Oxtankah. Many people stay there enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean, swimming pools, and local food right on your door step. (You won’t find them online on booking sites though.)
If you’re looking for something a bit more mid term (1-2 weeks) air bnb or a hostel might be your best option and for renting long term I would recommend renting with a local. To be honest renting with Air BnB hurts communities more than it helps, driving up local rental prices means locals can’t afford to rent in their own city, which is what you see in tourist zones.
There are some options renting locally with furnished houses but worst case in an unfurnished house just buy an 80 peso ($4.00 USD) electric cooker and cook for the day or eat out in the community. If you rent an unfurnished house a nice hand made hammock goes for about $60.00 USD in Mercado Viejo in Chetumal and is a great souvenir to return home with. (I’ve been sleeping in one for over 6+ years.) With stores, fresh meats, fresh fruits, and vendors selling by triciclo you really don’t need a refrigerator either. Renting an unfurnished house would be the cheapest option for a month long visit (or more).

Cheap Hostels, Hotels, and Local Renting in Chetumal
Renting in Chetumal Mexico I’ve found the best deals here including renting with locals, hostels, and hotels. If you want something even cheaper it’s best to find a place for a couple days and in that time ask around with the neighbors and local stores for something available. In many cases they may even have a stove or refrigerator you could rent as well and it would still cost less than a hotel or hostel. (Keep in mind most hotels do not have cooking accommodations.)
Cheap Hostels in Chetumal

Cheap Hotels in Chetumal