SIM Card Solutions in Mexico

While visiting Mexico, you may experience difficulties using your cell phone to make calls globally. WhatsApp is quite popular here in Mexico and can be helpful to bridge the gap. The problem with WhatsApp is you can’t make calls to your bank or travel agency back home. If you have a bank or ATM issue, you could be in for a nightmare.
It is recommended to get a local phone number if you plan on being in Mexico for an extended time. But if you have an emergency and need to get a hold of someone back home or make some work calls, a standard SIM card does not help. No need to fall into despair. Recently I stumbled on a SIM card that works globally, so you don’t have to worry about something happening and being unable to reach out.
Mexico SIM Cards
The rates are quite affordable, especially if it’s just a security backup phone for emergencies. The nice thing about their service is your calls and texts are free when connected to Wi-Fi. In Mexico, this is especially useful because most autobus stations have reliable free Wi-Fi. So do most Hotels and Restaurants. Free Wi-Fi can save you the headache of trying to reach someone back home while in a foreign country.
Mexico SIM Card
Mexico SIM Cards