The Best Things to Do in Puebla Mexico

Puebla, Mexico is a vibrant and historical city, known for its beautiful colonial architecture, lush green parks, and delicious regional cuisine. It’s the fourth largest city in the country and is home to some of the best attractions in the country. From exploring the historic city center to tasting authentic Mexican food, Puebla has plenty of activities and tours to keep you busy during your stay.

See the Puebla Cathedral

The majestic Puebla Cathedral is one of the most iconic sights in the city. Located in the heart of the city, it was built between 1575 and 1690, making it one of the oldest cathedrals in Mexico. Its twin bell towers and Baroque façade make it a must-see attraction. Inside, the cathedral is decorated with intricate gilded designs, paintings, and sculptures. It is also home to a museum where visitors can learn more about the building’s history. The cathedral is open to the public from 9am to 7pm on weekdays and from 10am to 6pm on Sundays. Be sure to take some time to explore its impressive interior!

Visit the Great Pyramid of Cholula

The Great Pyramid of Cholula, located just outside of the city of Puebla, is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Mexico. It’s one of the largest pre-Columbian pyramids in the world and it’s considered by many to be the oldest pyramid on the continent. The pyramid was built in stages over several centuries, beginning around 400 AD, and was originally used as a temple for religious ceremonies.
Today, the pyramid has been restored and it’s open to visitors who want to explore the area. You can hike up to the top and admire the incredible views, or you can take a guided tour to learn more about the history and importance of the site. It’s also possible to explore the tunnels that have been discovered beneath the pyramid. The tunnels were used by the ancient people of Cholula as escape routes during times of danger.

Take a Tour of the Street Cars

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Puebla, then consider taking a tour of the city’s vintage street cars. These colorful carriages are over a century old and are still in use today. The most popular route takes you from the main square of Puebla to the top of El Calvario Hill, where you can admire views of the city from up high. Along the way, you’ll also get to pass through some of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, giving you a glimpse into daily life in Puebla. The experience is both educational and fun, and a great way to get to know Puebla better!

Visit the Museo de Arte Popular

The Museo de Arte Popular (Museum of Popular Art) in Puebla, Mexico, is a great place to learn about Mexican culture and history. Located near the center of the city, it houses an impressive collection of regional crafts and artwork that date back centuries.
The permanent exhibition features traditional clothing, handcrafted items, and religious artifacts, as well as sculptures and paintings created by contemporary artists. There are also occasional temporary exhibits that focus on specific topics or artists.
Visitors to the museum can participate in a variety of activities, including interactive workshops, seminars, and classes on topics such as weaving, ceramics, and mural painting. The museum also hosts music and dance performances, film screenings, lectures, and other cultural events.
The Museo de Arte Popular is a must-see for anyone interested in experiencing Mexican culture. Its collection of unique and beautiful artwork offers a glimpse into the country’s past and present. And with its lively events and activities, it is sure to make for an enjoyable and educational day trip.


Go to the Puebla Zoo

The Puebla Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area and a great place to take the family. This zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from different regions and climates, from monkeys and zebras to snow leopards and flamingos. The zoo is beautifully laid out with plenty of space for everyone to explore and learn about the various species. The zoo also offers educational activities for children, such as animal shows and interactive exhibits. Be sure to bring some snacks for yourself and the kids, as the zoo does not have any food vendors. Admission to the zoo is free, so it’s a great way to spend a day in Puebla!

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