The Most Relaxing Way to See Cancun: A Boat Tour

With so much to see and do in Cancun, it can be difficult to decide how to spend your limited time while you’re here. Luckily, there’s one way to get the best of both worlds: a boat tour! In this article, we’ll talk about some of the things you can see on your tour as well as some of the reasons why taking a boat tour instead of simply renting a car or staying at your resort can make your Cancun trip that much more relaxing!

Why a boat tour is the best way to see Cancun..

A boat tour of the Riviera Maya is a great way to see the city from a different perspective and get some fresh air! You’ll feel like you’re in another world, surrounded by turquoise water that stretches on for miles. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, manatees and more! Seeing Cancun this way will help you understand why we call it Paradise on Earth. The calming waters offer a perfect opportunity to disconnect from all the chaos of life back home and find solace in this beautiful part of the world. The sights alone are worth every minute spent cruising around – but don’t worry, there are plenty of vendors selling souvenirs on board too! Once you’ve seen everything you want to take pictures of, stop at one of our docks and explore the area with a professional guide before heading off again. We guarantee that by the time your hour-long tour ends, you’ll be feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever challenges await back home!

What to expect on a boat tour..

A boat tour is one of the most relaxing ways to see the city from the water. It’s also a great way to get out on the water, enjoy some fresh air and give your feet a break. The tours are all-inclusive, meaning you can expect snacks, refreshments and sightseeing commentary during your time on board. You’ll also have access to a sun deck with chairs and chaise lounges so you can spend as much time in or out of the water as you like. For those who prefer to keep their feet dry there are glass bottom boats for rent for around $100 per person ($50 for children under 12) but be prepared to stand up the entire time. For those looking for an even more adventurous outing try a kayak or snorkel excursion.

The different types of boat tours available..

A boat tour is a great way to see the sights in Cancun. There are many different types of boat tours you can take, including food tours, fishing tours, and snorkeling. The boat tour companies in Mexico offer all different types of activities for your enjoyment. For example, some trips include snorkeling or fishing while others focus on the history and culture of the area. Whatever it may be, there is sure to be something that interests you. If you’re interested in going out into open water with your family, try booking a boat tour that includes fishing. You’ll have an amazing time reeling in fish while enjoying the beautiful views around you! Some people don’t know what to do when they go fishing because they never did before. Don’t worry though; most guides will show you how to use the gear so that you’ll feel more confident in what you’re doing. Fishing boats vary in size, so ask your captain which one will best suit your needs and size of group.

How to choose the right boat tour for you..

Choosing the right boat tour can be a daunting task. With so many companies offering tours, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. -What is your age? -Do you want a tour that includes food and drink? I recommend La Paz Excursions. They have the most comfortable seats and views of gorgeous beaches. Then make a reservation. The last thing you will need is transportation from the hotel or condominium where you’re staying in Mexico. If you’re not sure how much time it takes from where your stay until the dock, contact them first before booking anything.


Bonus tips for making the most of your boat tour..
  • Arrive at the dock 30 minutes before the tour begins.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat and a water bottle.
  • Take pictures! And don’t forget your camera battery.
  • When you get back from the tour, take a quick shower and change into dry clothes.
  • Don’t forget to tip your boat captain and crew! They work really hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time on their tour.
  • Finally, enjoy yourself! Cancun is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico and it’s best seen by boat (or on foot)!


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