Mexico Traveling Tips and Advice

It’s possible to fly around Mexico but it’s a bit more expensive. The easiest and cheapest way to get around is by autobus. There are a few autobus stations in every city (all of which have free WiFi) and they are quite easy to find by taxi. Make sure you ask taxi prices up front before you get in to avoid scams or other problems.
Even if you don’t know much Spanish it’s quite easy to navigate the autobus stations and generally the people are very welcoming and helpful. Don’t be scared to try out your Spanish and ask for help! It’s also possible to rent a car in Cancun but personally I prefer the autobus as you don’t have to worry about licenses, paperwork, or any government check points. (Not that it’s a problem in general but I prefer to not have to worry about it.) The further you are from tourist areas the cheaper it becomes and the atmosphere is much more chill in general.

Cheap Flights with Cashbacks
Cheap Flights with Cashback

WayAway offers a neat cashback program if you plan to do a lot of traveling or just want to find the best Instagram hotspots and tourist activities. With a unique user experience not only can you get cashbacks but you can see reviews and comments from passed travelers in the area to make the most of your time in Mexico.

Car Rentals and Insurance
Car Rentals Mexico

Renting a car is also quite cheap here if you decide to do that however I would highly recommend some sort of travel insurance, even just medical. You never know when an accident can happen and it’d be pretty rough spending a vacation in the hospital worrying about the bills. Considering Mexico is much cheaper when it comes to hospitals and insurance even a cheap package would go along way to protect yourself and your family. For solo / cheap traveling I recommend the autobus but if you’re coming in a group renting a car might work out better. Either way I’ve tried to find the best offers and deals to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Fun Activies in Cancun
Cancun Tour Deals

There are some fun things to do in Cancun if you are there for a few days I recommend checking out GoCity Cancun. They’ve got some really cool opportunities and make it really easy to get tickets to any kind of fun / entertainment you might want to enjoy. They offer a sort of pass type card so you can enjoy all kinds of adventures at a lower price without having to worry about admission and schedules. Local tours are another way to enjoy the area if you’re feeling adventurous and they can be found on GoCity Cancun. I prefer using an online company like this to avoid scams and tourist traps.

Cheap Autobuses from Cancun
Autobus Cancun Mexico

Buses are by far the easier way to get form city to city while also being the cheapest. They are large comfortable seats with lots of space for your luggage or bags. They also have bathrooms on board and stop along the way where people will get on and sell food and refreshments.