Why Is There So Much Seaweed in Cancun?

You’re probably thinking, Wow, the beach in Cancun looks beautiful! And it does — at least until you go swimming, and then you realize that the waters are chock full of seaweed. Why would so much seaweed be in the ocean surrounding Cancun? It turns out that there are lots of reasons why Cancun’s beaches are covered with seaweed. It’s definitely not ideal, but there are ways to deal with it if you’re planning to visit Mexico this summer or next winter.

The Science Behind Natural Seaweed Beaches

Mexico’s seaweed beaches are caused by the natural process of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is a very small organism that lives in the water and uses sunlight as an energy source. When it dies, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean and decomposes, which creates a lot of nitrogen compounds and other nutrients. These compounds feed organisms that also need nitrogen to grow, such as plankton. The dying phytoplankton causes the mexican seaweed beach sand because they create a nutrient-rich film on top of the sandy beach. The sea weed then floats up from below onto shore with each wave or tide cycle. Most people notice this phenomenon when they go to cancun mexico vacation because it does not occur everywhere in the world, only where there is deep enough ocean for nutrient-rich waters to rise up onto shore.

How Does the Seaweed Affect the Beaches?

Cancun is a beautiful place to go for vacation, but the seaweed on the beaches can be quite overwhelming. The seaweed comes from marine algae that has grown uncontrollably and washed up onto the beach. It’s mostly harmless, but it can cause irritation when you’re swimming or wading through it. It will also smell if it hasn’t been rinsed away by strong currents or rainstorms. If you happen to come across the seaweed, just avoid getting into it as much as possible. If you do end up with some of it on your body just wash it off.

Seaweed Beaches are Actually Good for the Environment

If you’ve been to a beach lately, you may have noticed that there is a lot of seaweed and it’s not just on shore. It’s even floating out in the water. Seawood is often mistaken as trash because it can be seen washed up on shore with what we might associate as garbage. But the truth is that seaweed is actually good for the environment. When it washes up onto shore or floats in the ocean, it creates a habitat for other aquatic lifeforms such as shellfish and crab to thrive. In some cases, many species rely on seaweed being present to survive since they depend on plants such as algae and seagrass for food.

Tourists That Don’t Plan are Angry About Seaweed Beaches

Cancun is a popular destination for tourists, but it’s not always the perfect vacation spot. Visitors often complain about the seaweed and other debris that can be found on the beaches. The sewage system in Cancun is struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of tourism. Tourists that don’t plan or do research on the seaweed issues tend to be the most angry. It would help if they knew before they arrived that this issue was common during their trip. It also helps if they know what precautions they should take (such as wearing shoes) so that they’re not surprised by the situation. There are also many beaches in Cancun that don’t have seaweed during these times of the year.

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